Michael Card

Michael Card has been our FIRST PERSON guest several times through the 5 years or so that we’ve been on the air– and his visits always receive such a nice response from listeners that we’ve decided to step it up. So, not only is Michael with us this week for our Christmas program, but we are preparing for four more visits in 2017! Throughout the coming year, Michael will discuss each of the Gospel writers– Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John– and what we learn about Jesus from each of them.

But right now, our focus is on the Christmas story. This is the unplanned interview with Mike because when we sat down recently we got talking about Christmas and this interview just sort of “happened”.  As you listen, join us in thinking about some of the lesser-known parts of the Christmas story, as only he can draw them out.

In this interview, Michael talks about his Biblical Imagination conferences and you’ll find more information here.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our FIRST PERSON listeners!

NEXT WEEK:  Camille Melki from Heart of Lebanon


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