Michael Card

The year is flying by and it’s time for the 3rd installment in our 4-part series of conversations with Michael Card about the Gospels. We have now reached  what Michael calls “The Gospel of Amazement”, the Gospel of Luke.

Several years ago while doing an earlier series of radio shows with Mike, he helped open my eyes to the details of Scripture, sometimes overlooked, but which are important to understanding the Bible and what Jesus teaches.  For example, Michael believes there are many clues that Luke was not only a doctor who used much medical language in his Gospel, but was also once a slave. While it can’t be proven, Michael is convinced that it brings to light many things in the Gospel for our benefit. Learn more as you listen to our interview.

In a couple of months, Mike will return to FIRST PERSON with the 4th and final interview in our series, discussing the Gospel of John. You can hear our conversation regarding Matthew here, and Mark here.

For information about the series of books Michael Card has written– one on each of the 4 Gospels, click here.

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