Michael Card- Gospel of Matthew

This week on FIRST PERSON we begin a four part series of interview with singer, songwriter, and Bible teacher Michael Card who will explore each of the four Gospels. Every couple of months during this year, we will focus on one of the writers– first, Matthew, then Mark, Luke, and John.  We begin with Matthew this week.

Since we like to talk with guests and have them tell us their stories of faith and calling, I’ve asked Michael to tell us a bit about Matthew as well as what he has to teach us about Jesus. We’ll see the unique purpose of Matthew, both for the early church, and for the church today.

Michael has written a series of books on each of the Gospels, the Biblical imagination series, published by InterVarsity Press and you can read more about these books here.  There is also more information about Michael and everything he’s involved in today at MichaelCard.com.

Our next conversation with Michael will take place in May when we look into the Gospel of Mark.

NEXT WEEK:  Sherry Eyssen

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