Mulugeta Ashagre

Whenever I have the opportunity to travel or to meet someone from another part of the world, I enjoy hearing about their life and experience. Sometimes, there are similarities, but more often than not their lives have been radically different. Most often there has been a measure of hardship, but learning how faithful God is in protecting and providing is a great reminder of His love. And we have much to learn from brothers and sisters outside of our culture as they teach us about faith and trust in God.

Our guest, Pastor Mulugeta Ashagre, came to the studio recently and told his story of growing up in Ethiopia under very difficult circumstances. As a young teen he was an atheist, but even after giving his life to Christ his life was far from easy. Today, Pastor Ashagre leads many churches in Ethiopia and has a vision for evangelism and discipleship in his country. His life and calling holds many lessons for us.

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