Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

As we draw closer to Christmas, I’m very happy to have Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth join us this week. Even though I’ve known Nancy for years and interviewed her on numerous occasions on other radio programs, this is the first time she has joined me on FIRST PERSON.

Nancy’s radio ministry is REVIVE OUR HEARTS and it has grown exponentially over the years, due in large part to her faithful Bible teaching calling women to biblical womanhood both through her radio program as well as her True Woman movement.

Nancy’s latest book is The First Songs of Christmas, meditations on Luke, chapters 1 and 2. We’ll talk about a few of these “songs” in our FIRST PERSON conversation.

(By the way, Nancy’s husband was with us a few weeks ago. Look for Robert Wolgemuth in our interview archive).

NEXT WEEK: ┬áMike Kellogg’s reading of a portion of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol


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