Nik Ripken

This week’s FIRST PERSON guest is Nik Ripken. Nik and his wife, Ruth, served for over 32 years obeying Christ’s command to share Jesus across the globe. After 7 years in Malawi & South Africa, they moved to Nairobi, Kenya to begin work among the Somali people (1991-1997). From 1998-2013 they journeyed globally among people whom, when they gave their lives to Jesus, faced increasing persecution for their faith. Now in the U.S. for health reasons, Nik remains very active, speaking about the plight of persecuted Christians.

There’s more about Nik and the ministry God has called him to here.

Nik and I were not quite finished talking when our radio time expired, so there is some bonus content that you can listen to on our website, here. Click on the listen button and Nik Ripken bonus content.

NEXT WEEK: Historian David McCullough– Part One of a conversation about 1776.

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