Oliver Dossmann

Oliver-Dossmann-SmallThis week’s guest is a former MK– missionary kid– who knows the need missionaries often have for finding a suitable place for rest and relaxation. They often travel thousands of miles to visit family and friends and to present their work in churches, often all the while facing the need to seek financial support. While rewarding in many ways, missionaries’ travels are often stressful and tiring.  Oliver Dossmann’s vision is to meet that need through a beautiful place in Tennessee called Eden Ridge. Now operating and open to others, Eden Ridge is a missionary-focused retreat center offering discounts to missionaries. Others pay a slightly higher fee as a means of supporting the missionaries.

You can learn more about Eden Ridge here. Be sure to view the photos of the cabins and surrounding property which will give you a much better idea of just how beautiful the place really is.

NEXT WEEK:  Albert Reyes, President of Buckner, Intl.Albert-Reyes-Small

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