Olivier Melnick

Even though our paths nearly crossed at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, I did not ¬†learn of Olivier Melnick until a friend “bumped” into him at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and told me about him.

This week as you listen to FIRST PERSON, you’ll hear the testimony of this man who was born in Paris to a secular Jewish family. He now shares his faith in Jesus Christ far and wide, claiming that it is the most Jewish thing he has ever done.

Olivier serves as the Southwest Regional Director & Training Director at Chosen People Ministries and you can learn more here and here.

In this interview, Olivier mentions briefly that he was honored to lead his own parents to the Lord– well, next week he’ll be back to tell that exciting story in detail.

NEXT WEEK:  Olivier Melnick, Part 2

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