Os Hillman

I am pleased to have Os Hillman of Marketplace Leaders as our FIRST PERSON guest this week. Os and I have Os-Hillman-Smallrecently started a syndicated radio program called FAITH, WORK, and CULTURE and this week’s FIRST PERSON  is an excellent way to meet Os. To listen to our new program online, go to FaithWorkandCulture.com.

Os has encouraged thousands of men and women to seek God’s calling on their own lives as it relates to their vocation and to view their work as ministry. The organization he founded, Marketplace Leaders and the TGIF (Today God Is First) devotional,  helps men and women fulfill their calling and purpose in their work and life. Os has written 15 books and spoken in more than 25 nations around the globe encouraging, equipping and educating people to live out God’s calling in their lives.

For more about Os and his books and resources, please click here.

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