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Barry Meguiar

It is a joy this week to introduce you to Barry Meguiar, of Meguiar’s Car Care Products. I had been watching Barry on his TV show, CAR CRAZY, long before I ever realized that he is a follower of Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, when we sat down to talk, I STILL didn’t realize how passionate he is about Christ and how he wants to tells it to everyone he comes in contact with– especially other “car guys”– until about a minute into the conversation when that is ALL he wanted to talk about.

In our interview, you’ll hear how the Lord spoke powerfully and personally to this successful businessman and he’ll explain his mission to use his business as his pulpit. “Everytime I go to a car show”, he says, “I’m stepping onto the mission field.” He also talks about his ministry called Revival Outside the Walls, equipping believers through motivation and research tools to reach out with the message of the gospel.

Hang around with Barry for any length of time and you’ll learn a lot about collectible cars, hot rods, low-riders, super cars, and much more– but you’ll hear even more about the Lord as Barry tells everyone about the eternal salvation that awaits their souls.

NEXT WEEK:  Jamie Janosz tells stories of great Christian women who refused to give up.  

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