Papa Joe Bradford

I admit that I had never heard of “Papa Joe” Bradford until a visit to Nashville recently when a friend filled me in and brought Papa Joe to another interview I was recording that day.  After finishing the scheduled interview, I began listening to Papa Joe’s story and was captivated by the man’s heart for poor, at-risk, and fatherless children.  As you listen, you’ll soon see why he’s affectionately known as Papa Joe.

Papa Joe serves as the CEO and co-founder (along with his wife Denise) of Elijah’s Heart, a 501(c)3 charitable and educational nonprofit that’s served thousands of children and families over the years.  Papa Joe holds the rare honor of having his triumphant life story inspire a major motion picture, Unconditional.  As a humble servant of Christ, he seeks to impact people and cities with an unstoppable move of love in action through the National Walk of Love Program and other powerful methods.

As you listen, I think you will learn to love and respect this man who loves Jesus and serves people in the name of Christ.

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