Peter Rosenberger

This week’s FIRST PERSON will hopefully send some encouragement to people who are dedicated to taking care of friends and family who are unable to care for themselves. Our guest will be the founder of Caregivers with Hope, Peter Rosenberger. Peter founded Caregivers with Hope, with the goal of not just making family Peter-Rosenberger-Smallcaregivers feel better, but offering them the tools to be better.

Peter has personally travelled the path of the family caregiver. In the process, he has learned that a caregiver cannot only survive, but thrive in the midst of oftentimes grim circumstances. In an unparalleled journey with his wife Gracie, he has navigated a medical nightmare that has mushroomed to 78 operations, the amputation of both of Gracie’s legs, treatment by more than 60 doctors in 12 hospitals, 7 medical insurance companies, and $9 million in medical bills.

As you listen to Peter’s story, you’ll learn that Caregivers with Hope provides invaluable tools to counselors, clergy, medical practitioners, employers and businesses faced with addressing the needs of the caregiver. Peter also founded Standing with Hope Inc., a nonprofit evangelical prosthetic limb outreach to developing countries.

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