Ralph Borde

If you are unfamiliar with the mission of As Our Own in India, I am especially pleased this week to introduce you to Ralph Borde, a young man whom God has equipped and called to lead this organization.

As Our Own’s vision is to transform the way the world cares for vulnerable children. They do this by carrying-out their mission to fulfill the purpose God has for vulnerable children in India, caring for them as our own, for life.

As Our Own rescues children from lives of slave labor, such as organized begging and the sex trade. They also work to break the societal patterns that produce exploitation and enslavement by investing in communities, and involving local leaders with community transformation.

On First Person, Ralph explains how God clearly called him from a successful corporate career to leading this ministry.  On this Mother’s Day weekend, he also give us a very unique way of honoring Moms while helping the children of India. Click here for more.

Once you’ve heard the broadcast, be sure to click on the “listen” button above and hear a special extension of our conversation which we recorded following the radio program.

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