Rita Elmounayer

Born in Lebanon, Rita Elmounayer grew up amidst the violence of the Lebanese Civil War, witnessing death and experiencing hardship. During that time, she and her sister sought refuge from the horrors going on around them by watching television cartoons. She hoped someday to be involved in media to bring joy to children– just as cartoons had done for her– and share the hope of Jesus Christ.

This week as you listen to FIRST PERSON, you’ll learn how Rita’s dream came true. Not only has she be a host and producer of Christian children’s television programs on the SAT-7 television network reaching millions in the Middle East and beyond, but she also serves as the Chief Channels and Communications Officer and Deputy CEO of SAT-7. She also is overseeing a new satellite channel, SAT-7 Academy, which will help in the education of Syrian refugee children and others who cannot attend school.

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