Sean McDowell

When I asked Sean McDowell how he would like to be introduced, he answered that he likes to be known as a Christ-follower, husband, and father. But he’s also a professor, author, speaker, and apologist for the Christian faith. As the son of Josh and Dottie McDowell– long-known for their own work in the area of apologetics– Sean talks about his own process of coming to faith this week on FIRST PERSON.

Also, part of the conversation deals with the importance of instructing young people in a Christian worldview. Sean and his father have recently developed volume 2 of the seminal work, Evidence That Demands a Verdict. And then, along with others, Sean has partnered with the children’s ministry AWANA in developing a curriculum titled Advocates. Learn more about this helpful resource here.

NEXT WEEK:  Joel Weldon and Tom Mgrdichian of Firma Collective

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