Sergey Nakul

The war in Ukraine is revealing the character of the nation as a whole. But, more specifically, it is revealing the Christian character of many choice men and women who are serving in the name of Christ. You’ll meet one of those men as you listen to FIRST PERSON. Pastor Sergey Nakul of Kiev’s Grace Reformed Church is also a radio host on Radio M, the Far East Broadcasting Company’s radio ministry in Ukraine. After moving his wife and children to safety, Sergey has moved back into his Kiev church where he is living with others who have found refuge there. He is there as a pastor/shepherd to his people and his embattled neighborhood.

This is easily one of the most meaningful conversations I’ve had on FIRST PERSON, because Pastor Sergey is telling how the Word of God is reaching his soul in a very deep and meaningful way as he reads it with new eyes. As you listen, I hope you will continue praying for the citizens of Ukraine who simply desire peace and an end to the violence of this unwanted war.

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