Sergey Rakhuba

Covid-19 has created much hardship and suffering for many in the world, including the countries of Eurasia. Just as we are experiencing in this country, the health issues and economic struggles are major concerns. However in Eurasian countries like Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and the Central Asian countries, the coronavirus is adding to already difficult living conditions. As a result it has led to many opportunities for Christians to share the love and comfort of God and the hope of the Gospel.

Sergey Rakhuba of Mission Eurasia is our FIRST PERSON guest this week, giving us a description of what is being done by an army of young believers mobilizing the church to help in this pandemic. You’ll learn about a special prayer guide that has been developed both in print and app form to answer the spiritual need. View updates of Mission Eurasia’s response to the Covid-19 response here.

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