Shawn Thornton

shawn-thornton-smallI’ve been looking forward to presenting this week’s interview with Shawn Thornton with you. Recorded a short time ago in our FIRST PERSON studio, Shawn tells his story of growing up in a home that was “All but Normal” which is the title of his book. Shawn’s mother suffered from a brain injury in an era when not much was understood about such a severe blow to the head. As a result she could swing from being a sweet loving mother who loved the Lord and her family to fits of rage that were very damaging to their home. But through the experience, Shawn has found life lessons and a spiritual perspective he never could have found any other way.

Today, Shawn Thornton is the pastor of Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, CA. He is also the host of the Bible teaching radio program, ALL THINGS NEW.

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