Stan Unger

stan-unger-smallWhat started by providing shoes to orphans in Romania has blossomed into an incredibly diverse ministry of orphan care, food processing, building a brick factory, a chicken farm, micro loans, church planting, community development and much more. This week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll meet Stan Unger, a businessman who decided before the Lord that he would give away 75% of his income towards these projects. His goal is meeting physical needs in the name of Christ and for the sake of proclaiming the Gospel.

Now especially active in the country of Myanmar (Burma), thousands of orphans are the beneficiaries of Stan and those who work with him. One project we mention in the conversation is Click on this link to learn much more.

photoAnd here’s a photo with one example of what the Lord has accomplished through Stan and others. It’s a brick factory not only providing building supplies, but employment as well. Hear more of Stan Unger’s story when to listen this week!

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