Steve Schmidt

NOTE:  When we first released this interview last Fall with Steve, there was a tremendous response, so we are repeating it this week.

Recently downsizing my library, I didn’t know what to do with books I have collected but can no longer find the space to keep. That’s when I learned about a ministry that collects Bible and Christian reading material, sorts it, and sends it overseas to equip pastors and leaders with desperately needed literature. This week on FIRST PERSON Steve Schmidt, whom the Lord used to birth this ministry, is our guest to tell his story and give testimony to how the Lord has used this ministry in many lives.

The ministry is called Love Packages and you can find them online here. Take some time to learn more about this unique ministry and how simply sending a book or Bible can mean so much to someone. All the information about contributing material and making a financial contribution to help with the shipping costs is on the website.

220 Union Street
Butler, Illinois 62015

60-D South Mountain Dr.
Decatur, AL 35603

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