Steve Siler – Music for the Soul

This week’s guest is songwriter and producer, Steve Siler.  As the visionary behind Music for the Soul, Steve writes songs and produces music that is aimed at communicating the healing power of Jesus Christ into the most difficult of life’s trials.

Steve-Siler-SmallWhether the issue is the trap of pornography, the pain of a cancer diagnosis, the confusion of poor self-esteem, or any number of other of life’s challenges, Music for the Soul seeks to use the language of music to comfort and heal.

You’ll hear Steve’s personal story this week.  A story of a life re-directed by God into a unique ministry.  Plus, Steve’s new book, also titled MUSIC FOR THE SOUL (click), is now available. Take the time to listen, pass the interview link on to a friend, and check out the resources available at

NEXT WEEK: Tim Bayly, author of DADDY TRIED

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