Suzanne Stamboulieh

Our guest this week is a mom who is determined in God’s call on her life to write and publish Christian children’s books which are centered on God’s Word. Suzanne Stamboulieh has written two books thus far, Scarlett Gray Joins the Parade and A to Z with the One True King. Suzanne’s aim is to inspire young readers to seek God in their daily lives, and to honor Him with their choices. It is her hope that parents can confidently share these books with their children, knowing the message meets their high standards.

Suzanne-Stamboulieh-SmallSuzanne’s story is remarkable in that she feels she is responding to God’s call on her life and is obediently following despite the many challenges. One main challenge was funding and you’ll enjoy hearing how she has raised the money to make these books– and hopefully more to come– possible.

For more about Suzanne and the books now available, you can visit her webpage here.  And “like” her on Facebook here where I’m sure she would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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