The Barrick Family

Barrick-Family-SmallOn November 5, 2006, while driving home from church, the Barrick family was struck head-on by a drunk driver going 80 miles per hour. Andy, Linda, 15 year old Jen and 11 year old Josh sustained life-threatening injuries. Their recovery has been a long and difficult journey, but God’s grace and healing has been evident every step of the way.

You’ll want to listen to their testimony on FIRST PERSON this week as the Barricks, describe how God has spared their lives, healed their bodies, and proven His power over and over again. You learn how Jen, in particular, who was in a coma for 5 weeks and had severe traumatic brain injuries and multiple skull fractures, woke up praying out loud and singing praise songs continuously.

The Barrick family has started a ministry called HOPE OUT LOUD, and you can read much more of their story here. You’ll also learn more about the book, MIRACLE FOR JEN, as well as other ministry resources.

NEXT WEEK:  Singer/Songwriter Michael Card

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