The Fraser Family

Kent Fraser, his wife, Kim, and their 5 children (Sara, Deborah, Abigail, Daniel, and Jonathan) serve Christ as missionaries to Native North Americans. Living since 1993, first in Winnipeg, and then northern Minnesota and serving Christ through the ministry Without Reservation, Kent produces a radio program called The Storyteller aimed at telling testimonies of God at work in the lives of First Nations people in Canada and the U.S.

Kent-Fraser-SmallRecently, called to a weekend of ministry in rural Ontario, the Fraser family were being shuttled in a small plane to their destination. On one of the flights with all five of the Fraser children on board, the plane suddenly lost power on take off and crashed back to the runway. This week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll hear from each of the family members as they describe the accident, and give praise and thanks to God for His amazing protection. A big part of God’s protection came through the hands of the skilled pilot, Dan Hatfield of Nations One for Christ, who somehow got that plane on the ground with only minor injuries to his passengers.

The Fraser family has posted more about the accident on their blog,

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