Tim Bayly

Our FIRST PERSON guest this week is Tim Bayly,  a pastor who has written a very frank and hope-filled book about overcoming the inherent failures of imperfect fathers. It is titled DADDY TRIED. Drawing from decades of his own journey as an imperfect son, father, and pastor, Tim makes it clear there are no quick fixes. You can read more about the book at www.DaddyTriedbook.com.

Tim is the son of the late author and speaker Joseph Bayly and says of his own father that he “failed gloriously” and never hid his failures, describing him as a “wonderful father”.Tim-Bayly-Small

This interview with Tim Bayly is meant as a prelude to Father’s Day coming up in another week. At that time, we will be talking with father and son Boris and Nick Vujicic about their incredible story, RAISING THE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT CHILD, which deals with children with special needs. Together these interviews will give us a lot to think about as we fathers seek to reflect the character of our Heavenly Father.

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NEXT WEEK:  Boris and Nick Vujicic

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