Tim Kaufman

Tim Kaufman’s book has the provocative, yet accurate title, SINGING HALLELUJAH WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE HELL. As someone who suffered through a long season of battling depression, Tim knows all too well the debilitating effects of the disease. His story, coupled with a thorough discussion of the causes of depression and the way out, is bringing hope and courage to many who either face depression in their own lives, or are living with a loved one who is struggling.

Of course, Tim credits the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and prayer as the major source of healing in his life, restoring him to ministry. But, it wasn’t automatic and in this week’s FIRST PERSON interview you’ll hear Tim honestly share his struggle, remind everyone that depression is real, and offer helpful solutions including a spiritual perspective.

To learn more about Tim Kaufman’s book and his ministry of music and speaking today, visit www.TimKaufman.com.

Next Week: Rita Elmounayer’s story of growing up in war-torn Lebanon and her TV ministry today in the Middle East and beyond. 


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