Tom Lin

Right now, between Christmas and the New Year holiday, thousands of college age students have gathered in St. Louis for the triennial Urbana Student Missions Conference– URBANA 2012. It is a huge undertaking, but over the years many have heard and responded to God’s call to serve in some missions-related assignment.

This week on FIRST PERSON, you will hear the faith story of Tom Lin, Vice President of Missions for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Director of the Urbana Student Missions Conference. In addition to telling his own unique story, Tom will also talk about the scope and purpose of URBANA 2012, including the hope that this conference, like those in the past, will result in many giving their lives in service to the Kingdom.

Thanks for listening and making 2012 such a great year for FIRST PERSON.  We look forward to bringing you more great interviews in 2013.

NEXT WEEK:  Gerard Long, President of Alpha USA

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