Vaneetha Risner

When I sat down to interview Joni Tada, the first thing Joni said to me was that I should contact Vaneetha Risner and invite her to tell her story on FIRST PERSON. Joni said that Vaneetha is someone who has learned, through Christ, to endure suffering in this life. So, I am delighted to have Vaneetha join us this week and I’m grateful to Joni for the introduction.

Born in India, but moving to the U.S. at an early age, Vaneetha contracted polio as an infant. She tells of living in and out of hospitals for many years. As an adult she continues to suffer the consequences of polio and faces future uncertaincy. In addition to her physical pain, Vaneetha has also suffered emotionally in losing a baby to death. She shares how her faith, placed in Christ when she was a teenager, has sustained her through all of this.

Vaneetha is the author of The Scars That Have Shaped Me, as well as her new book, Walking Through Fire, and you can learn more about her here.

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