Victor Akhterov

A couple of years ago I traveled to Moscow to visit a radio station operated by the Far East Broadcasting Company. FEBC broadcasts are heard throughout Russia and theVictor-Akhterov-Small many  former Soviet republics, including the country of Ukraine, where fighting led to the death of 4 young men at the church where the FEBC studios are located. Our FEBC host was the Russian Ministries Director, Victor Akhterov.

This week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll meet Victor as he tells his story of growing up in Ukraine during Soviet-era persecution. Victor’s father, a pastor who suffered for his faith, believed the Lord that one day his son would proclaim the gospel to far more people than he had done– a claim that seemed impossible at the time. Victor’s father told him that while he was a prisoner in jail. Today, by God’s grace through radio programs, Victor and his team impact millions with God’s message of love and salvation.

To hear more of what God is doing through the ministry of the Far East Broadcasting Company, please listen to Victor this week, and click the FEBC banner on this page to learn even more about the many countries where FEBC’s radio stations are faithfully reaching people for Christ.

NEXT WEEK: A Christmas-time Angel Tree story not to be missed.

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