Voices From Ukraine #2

During the first 10 days of May, 2022, I had the opportunity to travel to the countries of Poland, Moldova, and Ukraine to witness first hand the ministry of Mission Eurasia as it provides emergency relief to the victims of the war. As the volunteer Board Chair of Mission Eurasia, I wanted to get a closer look at all that is being accomplished and assure the generous donors that their cares and concerns for the Ukrainian people are being addressed with food, medicine, personal hygiene products, baby needs, and Bibles. I also wanted to encourage all the staff and volunteers of Mission Eurasia– many of whom are refugees themselves and separated from their families– that their ministry sacrifice is appreciated.

But while I was traveling, I also took the time to keep an audio journal of what I was seeing and hearing from both the refugees of this war as well as the people who are serving them so ably. The result is two FIRST PERSON programs, the first of which is being released this week. The second report will come next week. As you listen to this first program, you will hear from the countries of Poland and Moldova how churches, with the help of Mission Eurasia, are stepping up to aid people in this crisis. You’ll also hear an account of visiting refugees who are hoping to return home someday when this terrible war is over.

Donations can be made to either Mission Eurasia or The Far East Broadcasting Company.

NEXT WEEK:  We travel into Ukraine itself to bring a report of relief efforts. 

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