Voices From Ukraine #3

This week on FIRST PERSON, I continue my report on a recent trip in May of 2022 to the countries of Poland, Moldova, and Ukraine. Last week we focused on the efforts in Poland and Moldova to aid Ukrainian refugees. This week, you’ll hear from two cities in Western Ukraine, Chernivtsi and Mukachevo, which are also ministry centers for Mission Eurasia‘s efforts to pack and deliver boxes of food, medicine, Bibles, personal hygiene items, and baby needs to the many suffering people of Ukraine.

If you missed last week’s Voices From Ukraine, please listen here on the website, or look for our podcast.

I witnessed first-hand the plight of both those displaced within Ukraine as well as those who have become refugees outside the country. Many are turning to God as they search for hope and Mission Eurasia‘s I Care ministry is meeting this need by meeting the basic need for food and other essentials while providing spiritual counsel at the same time.

In addition, FEBC’s radio and counseling ministry remains active as well. Learn more at FEBC.org.

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NEXT WEEK:  Igor Serada from Radio M (FEBC) in Ukraine

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