Voices from Ukraine

It has been a year since Russia’s brutal and unprovoked attack against Ukraine which has led to untold suffering and pain. But in the midst of the war many Christians are engaged in helping the people of Ukraine survive while fighting for victory over their aggressors.

On this edition of FIRST PERSON, we will check in with two Christian leaders whose teams on the ground in Ukraine are providing care and the hope of the Gospel. First, Sergey Rakhuba, President of Mission Eurasia, will give his assessment of the situation after a year of war and report on the spiritual and humanitarian efforts of Mission Eurasia. Then, Victor Akhterov, Director of Eurasia for the Far East Broadcasting Company will report his observations about the spiritual impact that their radio and counseling work is having among the people of Ukraine.

At the end of this week’s program, I mentioned the crisis in Turkey. My friend Ron Harris at MediaAlliance is helping by providing solar powered radios and flashlights through Galcom. For more information and to give, please click here.

NEXT WEEK:  John Wieland, author of Uncommon Threads

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