Voices From Ukraine

The world has watched in horror as a peaceful nation has been brutally attacked by Russian forces. This story is very personal to me as I have many Ukrainian and Russian friends. I trust my Russian friends feel as I do that this is a totally unjustifiable act of war against Ukraine. I know how my Ukrainian friends look upon this, because they are the ones suffering terribly.

I volunteer as a Board member with two different Christian ministries which are deeply involved in Gospel work in both countries. Both Mission Eurasia and the Far East Broadcasting Company have personnel in Ukraine who are bravely doing outstanding work in difficult circumstances. Both need your support.

Mission Eurasia has issued a call to prayer and an emergency humanitarian fund. Please consider giving here. FEBC also has called us to pray and help and you can learn more here.

This week we have set aside our normal format and guest to bring you a special report that I’ve produced along with Joe Carlson. It’s called VOICES FROM UKRAINE, telling the stories of FEBC broadcasters who have remained on the job, helping listeners in Ukraine with spiritual counseling. I hope you will listen and share this program.

NEXT WEEK:  Karen Bejjani, author of THE BLUE CORD


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