Year End

🥳 Happy New Year to all of our FIRST PERSON listeners! 🥳

At the conclusion of another year of FIRST PERSON programs, please join us this week for a few highlights of this year’s interviews. Of course, we can only bring you a few moments of the many 2022 interviews, but you can go back anytime and listen to any complete interview here on the website, or by using our free smartphone app, First Person Interview, available in your app store.

For this final 2022 program, we’ve chosen to re-air a few minutes of our Voices from Ukraine series, including some recorded in Ukraine in May of 2022 when I traveled there with Mission Eurasia. Then, you’ll hear part of my conversation with actor and producer Max McLean from this past October. Again, if interested, please find these full interviews here by clicking the red “listen now” button at the top of this page and scrolling back in time.

Thank you for your listening support this past year– AND for your support of the Far East Broadcasting Company which makes FIRST PERSON possible.

NEXT WEEK:  Robby Gallaty

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