Annette Hubbell

We don’t talk with a lot of authors on FIRST PERSON, but a book did come to my attention that seemed a perfect fit to explore through an interview with the author. ETERNITY THROUGH THE REARVIEW MIRROR details the faith stories of a number of people from history and the author, Annette Hubbell, is our guest this week.

In her book, Annette has researched and tells the faith stories of 17 people from history. Some of the names are very familiar to us– but a few shine a light on people whose names have been obscured by history. All there stories are written in first person and told with the goal of strengthening our faith in God today.

In the course of our FIRST PERSON conversation we touch on the lives of Elizabeth Fry, Abraham Lincoln, Mary McLeod Bethune, and Louis Zamperini with just a hint at what is in the book about Johnny Cash.

ETERNITY THROUGH THE REARVIEW MIRROR; How Simple Faith Changes Everything is available here.

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