Barry Black – U.S. Senate Chaplain

Our guest for the 4th of July holiday weekend is the U.S. Senate Chaplain, Dr. Barry Black. Dr. Black, a retired Admiral in the U.S. Navy, has been chaplain of the U.S. Senate since 2003. I interviewed him a few years ago when his book From the Hood to the Hill was released, telling his story of growing up in inner-city Baltimore.

Chaplain Black has another book out titled The Blessing of Adversity, and he continues to describe the obstacles and challenges he overcame in order to give us the perspective that while everyone experiences difficulty in life, God’s blessing is always present to give us peace in the storm.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to this outstanding testimony.  I hope you will consider passing this website link on to others who would benefit from the story of Senate Chaplain Barry Black.

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