Bill Ziegler

I very much enjoy talking with people who have a definite calling on their life, vocationally. This week on FIRST PERSON you will meet Dr. Bill Ziegler who is the principal of a large Pennsylvania high school. As you listen, it will become very obvious that Bill loves his work which is educating and guiding teenagers through an exciting and challenging time of their life.

Bill explains that his own record as a student was not one that suggested that he would someday become an award-winning, public high school principal. But through his faith in Christ and hard work, God has led him into a unique position of educational leadership. I believe you will enjoy meeting Bill Ziegler. As always, your comments are welcomed on our FIRST PERSON Facebook page.

Bill mentioned a number of resources he recommends, including his podcast. Here are links you can follow:

Twitter: @drillziegler
Podcast:    iTunes Podcast
Instagram: drbillziegler
Christian Educators Association International:
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