Colin Smith

During this Easter weekend our FIRST PERSON guest is Pastor Colin Smith of the radio program, UNLOCKING THE BIBLE and Senior Pastor of The Orchard Evangelical Church. Our conversation centers on the biblical account of the betrayal of Jesus Christ by Judas Iscariot– but there is a hopeful note sounded by Colin as he points to Christ as our hope even when we fail him.

Colin’s book is titled Heaven, So Near-So Far and in the introduction he states, “I wrote this book because I want you to see that Jesus Christ is of supreme value, and that following Him is worth any cost. My prayer is that, whatever your failures, disappointments, or unanswered questions, you will come to a place of saying, ‘I cannot and will not give up on Jesus Christ.’”

In 2015 Colin Smith  gave his own life story on FIRST PERSON and that interview can be heard here.

Happy Resurrection Day to our FIRST PERSON listeners!

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