Coronavirus Suffering

Our lives have been upended by the coronavirus and all the restrictions we must follow to diminish the spread of the virus. We are praying for those directly impacted as well as the many who are serving in healthcare, food service, and emergency services.

To address the issue on FIRST PERSON, we have drawn from several recent interviews (some not aired as yet) that touch on the topic of the purpose of suffering. Many people are suffering from fear and anxious about what lies ahead. So, you’ll hear from three guests this week. First, from his IN THE STUDIO podcast, Michael Card has graciously allowed us to play a conversation with Ken Boa, the author of SHAPED BY SUFFERING. Then you’ll hear part of our upcoming interview to air in April with Andrew Brunson who spent two years in a Turkish prison. Finally, another upcoming interview with Joni Tada will be excerpted for this week’s show was she speaks to the issue of suffering.

NEXT WEEK:  The full interview with Joni Tada

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