Craig and Gina Morgan

Several years ago I met a husband and wife who had a desire to help families like their own who had come together to raise children after a re-marriage. At that time we spoke here on FIRST PERSON about the challenges of living in a blended family. Well, a number of years have gone by and Craig and Gina Morgan have learned even more lessons which they pass on to other parents, so it’s time we re-visit the issue through their experience.

Very few of us are not affected in some way by the issues facing the blended family. If it is not our immediate family, very often it’s something facing our extended family or friends. Maybe you are grandparents trying to understand and help a blended family. In addition to listening to Craig and Gina’s story on FIRST PERSON, please view their website for additional help and resources, including a podcast they are now hosting. Go to

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