David Zanotti

If you don’t know my good friend, Dave Zanotti, I am looking forward to introducing him to you with this week’s FIRST PERSON interview. Dave is the President and CEO of The American Policy Roundtable and the host of radio’s THE PUBLIC SQUARE. And because FIRST PERSON exists to tell the stories of people who have given their lives to serve Christ and fulfill a spiritual calling, I asked Dave to join me this week to tell us his about his unique life’s work.

As many of you know, I also serve as the co-host of THE PUBLIC SQUARE as Dave and I are joined by a great team each week for a deep discussion of news, current events, and public policy issues. We always try to bring biblical thinking to the table and ask ourselves how to live out the precepts revealed to us in God’s Word.

If you’ve never heard THE PUBLIC SQUARE on radio, please make use of our stream and podcast found at www.ThePublicSquare.com.

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