Ed Bouvier – The Village Woodwright

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit one of my neighbors, Ed Bouvier, who is gifted in woodworking. His work is more than a job to him– it is a calling as God has gifted him to be an artisan and teacher. After my visit I invited Ed to the studio to talk about his craft and you’ll meet him this week on FIRST PERSON.

Since childhood Ed has appreciated antique and unique furniture as well as historic architectural designs. Hands-on creativity and design have always energized him. His belief in redemption and restoration/rebirth extends philosophically to his tangible work restoring antique pieces to a new life of usefulness. In addition to working with wood himself, Ed has a gift and passion to teach others as he passes on an appreciation of the craft.

You can visit a gallery of Ed’s craftsmanship when you visit his website, www.villagewoodwright.com.

Next Week:  Jamie Aten of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute





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