Ed Cannon – The Far East Broadcasting Company

From time to time I like to bring Ed Cannon back to FIRST PERSON to give an update on the ministry of the Far East Broadcasting Company. For the past 7 years, Ed has served as the President of FEBC and frequently travels to many of the nearly 50 countries where FEBC either has radio stations, or its programs are heard by various means, including shortwave radio and the Internet.

In this interview, Ed also traces his career starting in the oil industry and eventually getting directly involved in ministry, first at Moody Bible Institute, and later FEBC.

I’m very grateful for the sponsoring support that FEBC gives to FIRST PERSON so that we can present the interviews we do each week. We don’t accept contributions directly to this program, but your prayers and financial support of FEBC is a huge encouragement. To give to this Gospel-centered organization, please go online to FEBC.org. Please mention FIRST PERSON when you give!

NEXT WEEK:  Shane Mincer of Chief Talent Officer

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