Gene Jordan

Gene-Jordan-SmallLast year on FIRST PERSON we featured an interview with John Boyd, the President of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) (the interview can be heard by clicking here). On that trip to MAF’s headquarters in Nampa, Idaho, I also met Gene Jordan, an experienced MAF pilot who told me a few stories about his service to Christ through MAF. So, I recently called Gene and spoke with him about his missionary career flying and serving people in the name of the Lord through MAF. That’s what you’ll hear on this week’s program– but I’m also excited about something else.

I was also privileged last year to narrate the book Jungle Pilot, telling the story of missionary pilot Nate Saint which is interwoven with MAF’s story. Now, with the release of this FIRST PERSON interview with Gene Jordan, MAF is again making a copy of either the print edition of the book, or the audiobook version. A donation of $10 is requested for the print edition and $5 for the audiobook. To read or hear the challenging story of Nate Saint, one of the missionaries martyred by the Auca Indians along with Jim Elliott, please click this link.

NEXT WEEK:  Shodankeh Johnson from Sierra Leone

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