Gerard and Jeannie Long

How do you keep living after the death of two children? Gerard and Jeannie Long are learning, by God’s grace, to live following that exact thing happening to them. This week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll hear their story of suffering the death of their 17 year old son through suicide and the subsequent accidental death of their young adult daughter. Extremely hard for both, Jeannie actually lost her faith for 2 years before a powerful healing of her soul.

In thirty-four years of marriage, Gerard and Jeannie Long have come to know and love God in a profound way. It’s this love that has enabled them to persevere through any parent’s worst nightmare and to now have even more love for Jesus Christ and for each other.

Learn more about Gerard and Jeannie Long at Especially look for information on Jeannie’s book, Running From the Heart, as well as their outstanding marriage ministry.

NEXT WEEK:  Historian David McCullough on the life and faith of John Adams



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