Jim Van Yperen – Metanoia Ministries

We’re thankful to have you listening to FIRST PERSON as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday. We have some wonderful guests lined up for you during this holiday season. You’ll find the schedule at the top of this page.

This week our guest is long-time friend Jim Van Yperen of Metanoia Ministries. Jim’s own faith had grown cold at one point in his life, but God in His grace restored Jim’s fire for Christ. As a result, Jim and his wife, Sharon, have been able to assist many churches who are dealing with some form of conflict. It’s a difficult, but rewarding work as people come to grips with their faults and disagreements and find reconciliation.

Jim is the author of several books, articles, and videos including MAKING PEACE; A Guide to Overcoming Church Conflict.

NEXT WEEK:  Biographer Kevin Belmonte on the life of William Borden

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