John Bernbaum

The story of Christian ministry in the countries of the former Soviet Union from the early 1990’s until now is full of ups and downs. But in the early days of glasnost there was tremendous spiritual impact. This week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll meet someone who was on the front lines in those early days. Dr. John Bernbaum, working with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, help to found the first Christian University in Russia.

Dr. Bernbaum has chronicled the experience in his book, OPENING THE RED DOOR, the Inside Story of Russia’s First Christian Liberal Arts University. As you listen to our FIRST PERSON conversation, he will tell of the rise and fall of this Christian school which ultimately closed under governmental pressure. Although the mission was shortened, the impact continues today.

And to learn more about Mission Eurasia which is actively involved today in Russia and throughout the former Soviet republics, please follow this link:

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