Maj. Gen. Carl Schneider USAF (ret)

Carl-Schneider-SmallWith Veteran’s Day approaching, I wanted to feature a story on FIRST PERSON that would honor vets and encourage listeners to pay attention to the crisis facing many veterans today. So, a few months ago when I met Maj. Gen. Carl Schneider USAF (ret) (click) at an event in Tucson, AZ, I knew I had found my man. Gen. Schneider was in the process of moving to the Nashville area, so I waited a few months and then called on him at his new home South of Nashville.

You’ll hear Gen. Schneider give an account of his remarkable military career which began at the end of WW II and continued for 32 years of service to his country. Among his many flying and leadership responsibilities he was a fighter pilot starting out with propeller driven fighters and transitioning to jet fighters, flying many combat missions in Korea and Vietnam, as well as missions during the Cold War.

Retired today, Gen. Schneider very active as a businessman, but he also has a deep desire to help today’s veteran’s cope with the many challenges they face. Among the many organizations that assist vets today, Gen. Schneider works closely with S.E.E. 4 Vets (click). 

Thanks to all veterans for your service to our country!

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