Mark Mittelberg

Recently, Mark Mittelberg emailed to let me know he was in the Chicago area. I invited him to the studio for a FIRST PERSON conversation, and that is what you will hear this week on the program. We talk about his own story of faith and touch on his friendship with the late Nabeel Qureshi, whose widow Michelle visited us recently.

Mark is a bestselling author, sought-after speaker, leading outreach strategist, and the Executive Director of the Center for Strategic Evangelism, in partnership with Houston Baptist University.  His passion for equipping people to defend their faith is uniquely approachable, humorous, and always very practical.

Written with his good friend (and past guest) Lee Strobel, Mark’s newest book is The Case for Christ Daily Moment of Truth. Also, The Case for Christ curriculum is available from Mark and Lee here.

In our conversation Mark also mentioned with now more than 600 participating churches in Chicago!

NEXT WEEK:  Louis Dooley of Set Free Ministries



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