Michael Card

All through the past year we have been featuring a series of interview with Michael Card on the 4 Gospels, based on his 4 book Biblical Imagination series. Now, we come to the final installment of the series– John, The Gospel of Wisdom. One final time, Michael sits down with me in his recording studio to discuss the unique message of John and what we learn about Jesus in this part of God’s Word.

If you would like to go back and listen or re-listen to all of our earlier conversations, you’ll find links to each one below. You can also download our free First Person Interview app and download each of the programs to listen to at your convenience.

Matthew:  http://www.firstpersoninterview.com/programs/FP021117FirstPerson.mp3

Mark:  http://www.firstpersoninterview.com/programs/FP051317FirstPerson.mp3

Luke:  http://www.firstpersoninterview.com/programs/FP080517FirstPerson.mp3  

To purchase Michael’s books these conversations are based on as well as his music and other books, please visit MichaelCard.com.

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